Flip Tops

Flip Tops | Holistic Oils
Flip Tops | Holistic Oils
Flip Tops | Holistic Oils
Flip Tops | Holistic Oils

Flip Tops

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Flip tops for your 5ml and 15ml essential oil bottles. With these high quality flip tops you can open your oil bottles with one hand. Package of 12 flip tops. 
  • package of 12 flip tops
  • tops fit both 5ml and 15ml essential oil bottles (not 10ml rollers)
  • fits all major brands of essential oils - doTERRA, YL, etc.  


    Flip Tops Are Perfect For
    • oils that you cook with
    • oils used during oil massages - such as AromaTouch where you only have one hand free 
    • thicker oils that take soooo long to drop out with the orifice (clear part)
    • resin based oils (like Myrrh) that get thick and hard to open over time.

    To Use: unscrew the cap off your oil bottle. Remove the orifice (clear insert) with an oil tool. Then twist on the flip top to your oil bottles. The flip tops are secure and leak proof on your bottles. Now here on out you just use one hand to open the flip top to get your drops of oil out!  

    Tip: when you have the flip top lids on, and you tip the bottle over the oil drop may not come out as quickly as compared to when the regular orifice is on. This is because there is not a small 2nd hole in the flip top, so air can't be sucked back in and oil flows out faster. (Most oil orifices have a small hole next to the large center hole. Allowing for air to flow in and the oil to drop out.) So when the flip tops are on and you're trying to get an oil drop out it may require a super small little shake to get the oil drop out. The little shake forces air up into, just like what a small 2nd hole would do. Forcing the oil drop to com out faster. This is 100% normal and how the flip tops were designed. This design also helps prevent leakage and wasting any essential oil. 

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