What are Dropper Tops?

by Allison Huish


Important Note: Not all bottles have the same bottle neck size. Some bottles have a larger bottle neck, others have a smaller bottle neck. It’s important to note the bottle neck size matches with the droppers you are wanting to use with them. The dropper tops we are talking about in this article, and the dropper tops sold at Holistic Oils are the size that fit the 5ml and 15ml essential oil bottles – the bottles purchased  filled with oil from your oil company of choice. So if you are looking for droppers for your oil bottles – these are the right ones! If you are looking for droppers for different (not 5/15ml oil bottles) please make sure that you are matching the right size.


Essential oil dropper tops are an ideal way to make your 5ml and 15ml essential oil bottles instant droppers. These oil bottle droppers go onto your 5/15ml oils, purchased from your company of choice (i.e. doTERRA, Young Living, etc). They’re an extremely popular way to make dropping your oils much faster and easier with less leakage! Droppers are great for applying, dispensing or even transferring your favorite essential oils or blends.

Glass oil droppers are also a convenient way to get just the right amount of essential oil that you need. Droppers also come in handy if you want to remove any excess oil from your diffuser. Often called eye droppers, they allow you to dose a product drop by drop, applying it accurately in the exact amount and location required. A dropper also ensures that your product doesn’t get contaminated during use. Only the drop will touch the specific body part (skin, mouth, etc.). A pipette dropper generally consists of four parts: a bulb, a cap, a glass tube and a glass tip.


To Use: Simply take out the clear plastic orifice from your 5ml or 15ml essential oil bottle. Then twist on the oil dropper top. And instantly your essential oils can be dropped on to the desired location. Essential oil dropper tops can be left onto your essential oil bottles so they’re always ready to go! These glass eye droppers come in a 12 pack. The glass dropper is bent tip so every last drop of your essential oil can be reached. 


A few facts about the Dropper Top Inserts that are available here from HolisticOils.com.

  • Pack of 12 glass oil droppers
  • Bent tip droppers for maximum oil usage
  • Comes in large size for 15ml bottles, or smaller size for 5ml bottles
  • Fit the 5/15ml essential oil bottles – the ones the come filled with oil from your oil company of choice


Ideas on How to Use Dropper Tops

  • Add an oil essential oil dropper top to your frankincense oil or oils you drop under your tongue daily
  • Apply the dropper to thicker oil, such as vetiver so you don’t have to wait ages for a drop to come out




Looking to purchase high quality droppers tops? They’re available HERE from HolisticOils.com



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