Top 10 Immune Boosting Essential Oils

by Allison Huish

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A healthy immune system works like body armor – it protects us from threats that are constantly attacking our body. Threats are in the air, on our hands, on foods and also on public surfaces. Like the air that we naturally breathe in, we often don’t pay much attention to our immune system until one of these threats slips through the gaps and starts to affect our body. It’s when we start to feel under the weather that we suddenly realize how important keeping our immune system in top not condition is.

There are many ways to make sure our immune system functions properly. Washing your hands before eating limits the number of germs that you are exposed to. You can also use essential oils to boost your immune system.

 Scientific study demonstrates that diffusion of essential oils can purify and cleanse the air, providing added protection. Essential oils like Melissa, Ginger, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oil contain powerful cleansing properties that purify the air we breathe, delivering positive effects on the immune system.

Taking essential oils internally is a good way to utilize their immune-boosting properties. Below are 10 of the most powerful essential oils for supporting your immune system. Take a drop of each in a veggie capsule every morning for immune support. Take one to two drops of these oils internally as needed.




Melissa oil, also known as lemon balm, is one of the most well documented immune boosting essential oils. Melissa oil has been documented in numerous medical journals.




Researchers from Japan’s Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University tested ginger against threats in the laboratory. They found that the ginger extract stimulated the production of TNF-alpha expression by the immune system. This provided the means for the ginger to inhibit replication of the threats. Researchers from India’s Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences also studied ginger along with other natural compounds for inhibiting threats that often occur during the winter months. Ginger contains allicin which has powerful immune boosting properties.



Cinnamon essential oil has been shown to be effective against many different types of threats. The medical journal MicrobiologyOpen published a study showing that cinnamon oil was effective with various threats when combined with eucalyptus and rosemary essential oil. 

Caution: Cinnamon is a “hot” essential oil. We would recommend diluting it with a carrier oil when applying topically.




Oregano essential oil is a popular herb in the mint family that's known for its impressive immune boosting qualities. Its plant compounds, which include carvacrol, offer immune boosting properties. In a test-tube study, both oregano oil and isolated carvacrol reduced the activity of threats such as MNV within 15 minutes of exposure




Peppermint essential oil is one of the most popular, and also promising natural immune boosting remedies.  Peppermint essential oil is commonly used for digestive issue. But it may also help alleviate threats that get inside the body.  




Manuka is commonly known for its honey production from its pollen. The essential oil of the manuka also has promising applications when fighting against internal threats. In the research journal Planta Medica manuka essential oil showed effectiveness against the simplex threats. Both the essential oil and the honey derive their strength from this incredible tree.

Manuka honey is incredibly powerful – as is the essential oil.




The medical journal Phytotherapy Research showed that thyme essential oil, when combined with tea tree and eucalyptus reduced pathogenic responses by more than 96%. When used on it’s own thyme is a powerful anti-threat agent that has been shown to kill harmful pathogens.



Tea Tree

Tea Tree, also known as melaleuca, is nicknamed “gentle oregano” and is extremely effective against threats and harmful pathogens. Research in the medical journal Molecules found that melaleuca essential oil also prevented threats from entering test cells. While the research was done in a clinical setting more research is needed, yet the results so far have been promising.



Star Anise

Star Anise has a licorice-like scent. Star anise is one of the most anti-pathogenic remedies available. This oil should be diluted when applied topically. Star anise contains a potent anti-pathogenic substance known as shikimic acid, which has been widely used to create treatments for decreased immune systems.  




Used copiously by the Aborigines for most maladies in their villages, eucalyptus essential oil is a potent anti-pathogenic agent. Like clove essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil has a profound effect over pathogens. Quite amazingly, recent research from VIT University in India showed (real-time) that when pathogens comes into contact with eucalyptus oil, the deadly threats completely lost viability within just 15 minutes of interaction! It’s also considered one of the best essential oils for supporting the respiratory system. Eucalyptus essential oils has a familiar fragrance that most people love.



Quick Tips on Using Essential Oils

  • Less is more when it comes to oils – use small amounts
  • When applying oils topically dilute with a carrier oil
  • Talk to your health care provider before using essential oils – especially if on medications



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