Must Have Essential Oil Supplies and Accessories

by Allison Huish

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. There is a wide variety of essential oils, blends, and oil-infused products with the optimal levels of specific, naturally occurring essential oil constituents to maximize their potency. Essential oils have become a popular household name in just the past few years. And for good reasons! Oils provide a safe, natural, and low cost plant based alternative. With just a few drops of peppermint essential oil your head tension can go away. Or frankincense oil on the roof of your mouth for rough days, or melaleuca (commonly known as tea tree) for that skin bumps and concerns. For just a few cents health issues can improved, or maybe eliminated.

Essential oils and having your at home medicine cabinet is critical, especially in today’s word of respiratory issues, pathogens, lowered immune systems, and and rising health care costs. Essential oils can be used for so many things. Here are just a few ways that oils can be used.


  • Essential oils for head tension: peppermint, frankincense, wintergreen (natural aspirin)
  • Essential oils for anxiousness: frankincense, lavender, copaiba
  • Essential oils for sleep: lavender, roman chamomile,
  • Essential oils to promote hair growth: lavender, rosemary
  • Essential oils for seasonal discomfort: lavender, peppermint, lemon 
  • Immune Boosting: Melissa, Ginger, Cinnamon, Oregano, Peppermint, Manuka, Thyme, Tea Tree, Star Anise, Eucalyptus. Read more about the Top 10 Immune Boosting Essential Oils

When getting into the natural solutions lifestyle with oils it is an exciting time – but it can be quite overwhelming. How to start using essential oils? How to dilute essential oils? What oil supplies are needed to effectively use your oils? That’s where Holistic Oils comes in! Holistic Oils was founded as a way to help essential oil wellness advocates purchase their oil supplies and accessories. Holistic Oils provides high quality essential oil supplies to help you get the most out of your plant based solutions at home.


Holistic Oils only offers the highest quality products at affordable prices. Our shipping is reliable, fast and insured. We ship out of Orem, Utah. 95% of orders leave in 1 business day and arrive to your door in less than 5. Shipping is available to the US and to most parts of the world.


Drams for Essential Oils – are you sharing essential oils with friends and family members? The easiest way to share a few drops of your precious oil is with drams. Drams are tiny (super cute!) bottles that come in 2 sizes. ¼ drams are 1ml, and 5/8 drams hold 2ml. The amber glass drams that are available at Holistic Oils are made with dark amber glass, easy to push in clear orifice, with a smooth black lid. Drams are essential as you share your favorite oil samples with friends.


Amber Glass Jars – Do you love to make DIY items? Amber glass jars are great for your homemade sunscreens, bath salts, or favorite lotions. Glass is the preferable source to hold all of products that contain essential oil in them. 2 oz Amber Glass Jars are a preferable size and hold just the perfect amount. Perfect for all of your make & take classes too!


Glass Spray Bottles – Amber glass spray bottles are a simple way to go green and save on throwing away endless plastic spray bottles. Glass spray bottles are great for your homemade cleaners or window sprays. Spray bottles come in a variety of sizes. 4oz Spray Bottles and 16oz Spray Bottles are the two most popular sizes.


Dropper Bottles – As you get into the exciting world of essential oils often people will create a must have daily tincture, a blend of essential oils that they take internally every day. With a 4 oz dropper bottle you can put all of those daily oils into one large bottle. And then taking your tincture of oils is much simpler and saves time.


Roller Bottles – Roller bottles for essential oils are hands down an essential component to any essential oil users collection. Roller bottles are used to make applying oils topically easier. With roller bottles you can make custom blends and then dilute to desired levels with fractionated coconut oil.


When it comes to purchasing roller bottles one of the biggest complaints is that rollers leak, wasting your precious essential oil. Rollers that leak is common with most brands of rollers, especially those you’ll find on 3rd part sites for just a few cents. All of our leakproof roller bottles come with the updated, high quality roller ball insert. The stainless steel ball is encapsulated in a black plastic casing. Ensuring that the ball stays in and secure. With the perfect amount of essential oil released every time you roll your rollers over your skin.


The rollers that are available at are 100% leakproof – guaranteed. Once you snap in the ball none of the essential oil will leak out. Rollers are also made from thick glass and come in a variety of colors for your preference. At Holistic Oils we carry Amber Roller Bottles, Black Roller Bottles, Blue Roller Bottles, Clear Roller Bottles, Frosted Clear Roller Bottles, White Roller Bottles, and also super cute Mini Roller Bottles. We guarantee you will be 100% impressed with all of the bottles for oils that are available.


Essential Oil Diffusers – a diffuser is a must have essential oil accessory for your home, office or car. With a diffuser the essential oil is dispersed into the air so the aromatic benefit of the essential oil is enjoyed. Many popular diffusers use water. 100-500ml of water is added to the diffuser, depending upon the size. Then a few drops of essential oil is added to the water. A good rule of thumb is 4 drops of oil per 100ml water. The water combines with the essential oil particles as the vapor gets out into the air. With diffusers you can purify the air you breathe. Holiday smelling oils, like clove and ginger, give your home a holiday-like scent. There are so many great oils to diffuse that uplift and purify the air that you breathe.


Large Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote

Essential Oil Diffuser for Car

Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

Inhalers for Essential Oils

Essential Oil Diffusers for Kids


Wood Displays for Essential Oils – You want all of your precious oils to be out and used! Essential Oil Stands are popular for the home and especially for the office. Holistic Oils has custom made wood displays that come in a variety of sizes. All of the displays are made from solid, medium grain wood.


Essential Oil Keychains - Essential oil keychains are a must have to keep your oils on you while traveling, at work, or just out running errands. Keychains have inserts to hold small essential oil bottles (drams) or small mini roller bottles. The keychains that are available at Holistic Oils have inserts for 10 bottles (most other brands only have 8). They’re made from an oil proof polyester fabric and come with a clip for your keys or easy access.


Train Case – As your essential oil collection grows you’re going to need a large oils case to hold all of your oils. A train case holds 64 5/15ml oil bottles, with room for 10 more rollers on the opening of the lid. For the essential oil enthusiast a train case is the perfect storage for essential oils.


Essential Oil Rollerbottle Clutch – The more you delve into essential oils the more you’ll realize how many and popular roller bottles are. An essential oil rollers case will perfectly hold all of your rollers perfectly.


Travel Cases – while traveling taking your oils and supplements with you is an absolutely must – so you keep feeling your best while being prepared for life’s little emergencies. With travel cases like our Clear Duo Travel Case a clear zipper case holds your personal care items, while a smaller case holds your must have oils. Essential oil cases also make great gifts for team members and essential oil friends.


Essential Oil Supplement Case – supplements are an essential component to the natural solutions lifestyle. While traveling keeping your supplements on you will keep you feeling great. With an oil proof Vitamin and Oil Case you’ll have a large bag for your personal care items, with a smaller zipper supplement case to hold 7 days worth of pills.




Oil filaments are fun ways to making using your essential oils convienet. To use any of these oil filament inserts simply pop off the clear orifice with either an Orifice Removal Tool. Once the clear orifice is removed then put on one of the oil filament tops. These leakproof tops can stay on your bottles 24/7. Oil filament inserts fit your 5ml and 15ml essential oil bottles – the ones you purchase directly from your company of choice. For example your 15ml Wild Orange or 5ml tea tree. As the bottle neck of these are the same size the oil filaments fit both 5ml and 15ml bottles.

Many people ask what they should do with their empty essential oil bottles. Oil filament tops are a great way to reuse your essential oil bottles. Tops can help them be recycled for different purposes too. For your next DIY project of make & take class reuse your empty bottles with one of our many oil filament inserts.


Orifice Removal Tool – Orifice Oil Removal Tools are simple and handy tools to have. With this metal tool you can easily pop off the orifice from your 5/15ml oil bottles and also that tiny orifice from your drams. Save your thumbs, nails and your nail polish with this handy tool!


Flip Tops – Flip Top lids for essential oils are one of the newest additions to the oil top options. Flip tops are ideal for those thicker resin oils (like Myrrh or Vetiver) that can get thick and crusty around the edge. Flip top lids are also ideal for oils that you want to be able to open with one hand and just snap the lid off with your thumb. Flip top lids fit both 5/15ml essential oil bottles.

  • Thicker resin oils – myrrh, vetiver
  • Childproof lids – wintergreen
  • Need to open 1 handed during a back treatment – Soothing Blend, Melaleuca, Lavender

Spray Tops – spray tops for essential oil bottles turn your oil bottles into instant “spritzers”. Perfect for oils that you love to cook with. Spray tops for oil bottles are extremely popular for DIY projects. With Spray tops you can re-use your 5/15ml oil bottles for do it yourself projects, like homemade hand sanitizers with essential oils.


Roller Tops – Roller tops for essential oil bottles turn your oils into instant rollers! With snap in roller tops your 5ml and 15ml oil bottles turn into instant roller bottles! Take out the clear orifice, fill the oil bottle with another essential oil or carrier oil, then snap in a roller top!


Droppers – Dropper tops for essential oil bottles making dropping your oils so convenient! Do you have oils that you drop under your tongue daily, like frankincense essential oil? Or you know how those thicker oils take forrreeever to drop out? Use a dropper top instead! With a dropper top your oil bottles become instant droppers. Droppers come with 2 different glass tube length – longer for 15ml bottles, shorter for 5ml bottles.




Silicone Holders  - Silicone essential oil holders are perfect essential oil holders for the kids so you can easily attach oils to their backpacks or other favorite places. Silicone holders come in 2 sizes – 15ml oil bottles and 10ml roller size.


Dryer Balls - Wool dryer balls are a simple way to eliminate harmful toxins with traditional dryer sheets. Using wool dryer balls is simple! Add 2-3 drops of desired essential oil to each wool dryer ball, then place in the dryer with your wet clothes. The balls will toss around with your clothes drying them faster and leaving a light essential oil scent on your clothes.


Oil Proof Labels – Labeling your roller bottles and other oil bottles can be tricky. Traditional labels will tear and pull right off with the slightest amount of oil. To make sure your labels stay on tight and stay clean be sure to use high quality proof labels. Oil Proof labels come in a variety of sizes – and the best is that they are blank! They can be written on with a simple permanent marker, or design your own labels and run through the printer. The templates for all of our blank oil proof labels are found on the product page to download.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle – when it comes to the best water bottle for your essential oils stainless steel is one of the best choices out there. Stainless steel is oil safe, meaning the bottle won’t break down like with traditional plastic bottles. If you’re looking for a high quality hydroflask-type water bottle for your oils check out this beautiful blue stainless steel water bottle.


Diffuser JewelryDiffuser Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the aromatic benefit of your essential oils while on the go. Diffuser jewelry is typically made from lava stone and stainless steel. A few drops of your favorite essential oil is dropped into the lava stone and absorbs in a few seconds. There are so many options when it comes to diffuser jewelry! There are Diffuser Rings, diffuser necklaces with an open lava stone, Pendant Lava Stone Diffuser Necklaces. There’s also chakra bracelets for those chakara community too! And lastly there are doTERRA diffuser bracelets too.


Sample Box – are you still a bit overwhelmed on where to start with essential oil supplies? We’d love to suggest a sample box that comes with a variety of popular essential oil supplies. A variety box of popular oil supplies contains leakproof amber glass roller bottles, drams, an amber spray bottle, filaments for your 5/15ml oil bottles (spray tops, dropper tops, roller tops) drams and more!




doTERRA Branded Items

Pump Tops for Fractionated Coconut Oil Bottle – We are in love with doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil. It’s extremely high quality and light. But the problem is that it comes with a squirt top. Which makes it incredibly hard to get the fractionated coconut oil out of the bottle and into your rollers – with minimal waste. With our FCO Pump Top it fits perfectly onto your doTERRA bottles. And with a simple pump your coconut oil comes out and can easily go into your favorite container. It also comes with a clear cap to ensure no oil is wasted when not in use.


doTERRA Swag – With doTERRA becoming the world’s largest essential oil company and over 9 million members we know a lot of our customer love this brand of oils. And so you want to show off your doTERRA pride with some fun doTERRA swag. It could be for you, and upline leader, or a team member in your downline. At Holistic Oils we have a variety of high quality doTERRA Swag that has been such a hit! All of our swag items are  available while supplies last. Be sure to check them out before they’re gone! We carry doTERRA Visors, doTERRA Beanies, doTERRA USB Cell Phone Chargers, Leather Cases with doTERRA embossed and more!


BusinessWith over 9 million members there are hundreds of thousands who share oils with others in the business opportunity. As people start sharing the oils with friends and family a bit of paper literature is needed to help others learn how to use their oils. Holistic Oils carries high quality business tools for the biz builder. Check out our 32 page Reference Booklet that is perfect for those you share samples with. An A to Z Card is the perfect tool for booths or large events. And bookmarks help new members learn the Trademarked vs Generic names.


OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate Label – doTERRA’s OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate is one of their most popular OnGuard products. Just 1 Tbsp of the concentrate goes into 16 oz of water. The best type of material to use with your oil related products is by far glass. And to save the environment and eliminate plastic bottles re-using glass bottles is the sensible solution. Now how to label your made up OnGuard Cleaner? It can be easily done with our vinyl OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate Label. It comes in a 3 pack. For the perfect gift: combine a 16oz Amber Glass Bottle, an OnGuard Cleaner Label, and a bottle of cleaner concentrate.



Holistic Oils essential oil shop was started a few years ago because we saw the need for high quality essential oil supplies at affordable prices. We wanted products that were top quality and prices everyone could afford. And we wanted our shipping to be affordable. Holistic Oils is a small shop. Our products ship out of Utah in the USA. International shipping is also available. We don’t have investors, marketing teams or call centers. We keep our business simple so we can keep our prices as low as possible. That way we can pass on incredible savings on all of your essential oil supply needs. We are grateful for your business and your support. Thank you for shopping small and supporting Holistic Oils for your essential oil supply needs. Whether you are with doTERRA, Young Living, Plant Therapy, Ameo, Edens Garden, Rocky Mountain or another essential oil company – we hope you love your essential oil accessories as much as you love your oils!




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